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Aristotle University Thessaloniki
Links of the Aristotle University from
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
(New in 2008)
International Hellenic University
University (of) Macedonia Thessaloniki
Institute for Balkan Studies
France Institut Thessaloniki
German Goethe Institut Thessaloniki
Italian Institut Thessaloniki
 Schools / Colleges
Direction of Secondary Education East Thessaloniki
Direction of Secondary Education West Thessaloniki
American Farm School
Anatolia & American College
(New in 2005)
Aristotelio College Thessaloniki
(New in 2005)
College de La Salle
German School Thessaloniki
Hellenic College Thessaloniki
ICBS Business School
International Pinewood School Thessaloniki
 Other / General
Conservatoire of Northen Greece
Conservatoire Kalamaria
we still working on the catalog....
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